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Kym was born in Vancouver, Canada. Following the critical success of her debut album "Pygmalion," Kym attracted interest from UK management, and has recorded and performed across Canada, in the USA, and Europe since. 

At the time of her first signing, Kym was working as a guitar double for Ally Sheedy on a TV show called "Strange Frequency."


Cursery Rhymes


Kym's recent full length album was recorded mostly at the studio of London's Lord Fader (aka Lord Veda.) Fader's mentorship and signature beats helped fuel a rare alchemy in  "Cursery Rhymes."


Other notable contributions include mastering & mixing by Richard Rainey (U2), bass by John Fortis, additional mixing by Gareth Parton and Canadians John Ellis and Mark Henning.


Random sightings...


On set of the Almost Happy video, filmed at

Malcomn Ryan Studios in Wimbledon...















































































































































Photo by Martin Hunter of Stanley Kubrick acclaim.



































































































































































































British Columbia, Canada. . .

Ally Sheedy (L) Kym (R) backstage on set of "Strange Frequency" in Vancouver.

With Fader (below) after a performance
at Cargo in London.

Keeping warm with the Meyer Dancers (above) while Canadian actor Kett Turton (back right) gets into character for his role of cowboy. Cast and crew below with director Dave Depares (left of Kym), Kett Turton far left.


Kym is an avid student and practitioner of Taoist qigong and Tai Chi, which she discovered during the recording of Cursery Rhymes.


Above, Kym backstage in wardrobe on set of Strange Frequency, and below in full character.

Celebration at Fader's (below) with buddies who participated in group vocals on Cursery Rhymes. (Kym far left, Fader center.)

Above training with senior Teacher Paul Cavel in Spain 2014.
Below, summer training in Ibiza with
Taoist lineage Master Bruce Frantzis.

UK adventures...


Backstage with Ace Of Base (below),
on tour with Vancouver bandmates.

Performing at the Plaza of Nations in Vancouver (above) with RKTgrl (L), drummer Lucas Poth (R). Below, with bandmate RKTgrl (R) at Eastside rehearsal space
in Vancouver.


Great friends & musical co-conspirators,

Kym & RKTgrl ; like two peas in a space-pod.

Photo as appeared in "The Record" (Canadian music industry journal)

Kym's first instrument at the age of 8 was a stage piano that had belonged to legendary Canadian rocker Burton Cummings. She was later inspired to learn guitar when the spirit of Jimi Hendrix came to her in a dream...

                 "crosses that you summons

                    birds and planes you hold

                          let me be your pilot

             when the world becomes too old"


               Excerpt from "Untitled"  Cursery Rhymes

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